Who We Are

We are a group of active McHenry County residents from a variety of area towns and villages, neighborhoods, and different walks of life. We love our community, but we have become increasingly concerned with rising taxes and where our dollars are going – especially for those of us living on fixed incomes.

Our Huntley, Union, Lake in the Hills, and Algonquin residents are particularly concerned with the way that the Huntley Community School District 158 school board is spending taxpayer dollars, often against the community’s wishes. The current board has a history of rubber-stamping nearly every funding request that crosses the desk. This board also voted for the highest tax levy increase in the district’s history in December 2022.

On the night of the vote, numerous district residents spoke against the tax increase, while not one spoke in favor of it. Yet the board voted it through. School Board President Tony Quagliano stated, “We decided that this is the kind of district that we wanted, and we’re willing to fund on that level.”

January 2023 brought more D158 school board discussion of yet another tax hike for Huntley-area residents — this time via a proposed referendum. Illinois already has the second-highest property taxes in the country. We are carrying the worst overall tax burden for the middle class.

Enough is enough.

Four D158 school board seats are up for election this April 4, 2023. It is time to vote the incumbents out and elect new board members who will listen to the concerns of the community and vote with fiscal responsibility in mind.

Our citizen group has researched the new candidates and are endorsing four who have shown continued concern about the direction of this school board through their actions and involvement with raising awareness of ongoing concerns. We have vetted their commitment to changing the direction of the board to represent the wishes of this community.

We invite you to get to know them too.

Election Day is April 4, 2023.

Early voting begins February 23.
Vote wisely.

Spring elections typically have the lowest voter turnout – and yet those elected will control whether your taxes go up or down each year.

Your vote is extremely important.